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SunPower Solar Panels: Maxeon 3 breaks the 400W Barrier

Erica Charles 17 Mar 2019

In January SunPower introduced the world’s first 400 Watt residential solar panels.

Utilising 104 Monocrystalline Maxeon Generation III solar cells, the panels have an efficiency of 22.6%. 

The panels have ‘standard’ panel dimensions of approximately 1.69m x 1.05m, giving an output of 226W per square metre.

As always with SunPower, the panels have a premium look….

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High efficiency solar panels: SunPower panels output 30-50% more power

Erica Charles 03 Nov 2017

As a rule of thumb, with the decline in Feed-in Tariffs and the advent of battery storage, a grid-connected solar system is best sized with an annual output (kWh) approximately equal to the annual usage of the property.  Battery storage capacity in kWh is typically set at 1 to 2 time the system size.

So if your load is 5,400kWh a year, and a kWp outputs 900kWh a year, size the system at 6 kWp and install 6kWh - 12 kWh of battery storage.

What if your roof is too small to achieve this with standard panels? Which panel do you turn to?

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