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Spirit Energy Now Accepts SolarCoins: Air Miles for Solar Electricity

Erica Charles 28 Sep 2018

We hear more and more about Blockchain technology.  The technology creates a transparent public ledger that records series of transactions, facilitating a fast, low-cost, trusted transfer of value without the involvement of traditional intermediaries.  

Already used in the financial sector, it’s only a matter of time before Blockchain hits the energy sector in a major way, particularly with the explosion of micro-generation of electricity, the ending of solar subsidies, and the advent of smart meters.

With Octopus Energy claiming to have paid customers to use excess electricity at night on four occasions in the last 12 months, real time peer-to-peer trading of electricity is surely just around the corner. Other potential applications include authentication of renewable generation and trading of emissions permits.

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Are Solar Panels Worth It in 2018? Yes, Solar Power Costs From 5p/kWh!

Erica Charles 09 Jan 2018

This month saw a modest drop in the feed-in tariff. The tariff for a typical 0-10 kWp domestic system is now 3.93p per kWh, down from 4p per kWh before Christmas.

And well down from the heady days of 2010, when the feed-in tariff scheme was first launched and the subsidy was 43p per kWh.  So, are solar panels a good investment today?

Speaking purely from a financial view, the answer is a resounding yes.  Of course beyond the financial, there are many other environmental benefits to be gained from installing solar, installing residential battery storage, driving an electric vehicle etc. Not least because they all contribute directly or indirectly to tackling air pollution, which, we are told, is gradually destroying the nation's health.

Back to the financials. The solar subsidy may have fallen, but so has the cost of the technology.  Overall the cost of domestic solar electricity is now between 4p and 10p per kWh.  This is well below the 15p average domestic import cost from the grid (which, by the way increased by 7% in the last 12 months....)

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Topics: Is Solar a Good Investment?