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Smart Solar Homes May Eliminate Peak Demand

George Riley 29 Jul 2020

Recently the Solar Trade Association (STA) published a report modelling the impact of solar PV, battery storage and smart home controls on the UK’s electricity supply and demand. In particular it examines how these technologies can help balance the grid as it becomes ever more complex and under pressure.

We’re going to dig into how solar PV can integrate with smart homes to reduce or even eliminate peak demand.


Topics: Battery storage, EV charging, Solar PV

Meet the Andersen A2 Charger

George Riley 24 Jul 2020

As EVs become a part of daily life for more and more of us, the humble chargepoint is no longer just a plug socket. It’s the brains behind intelligent, economic charging. It’s a device that has to stand up to use day in, day out. It’s a feature of the look and feel of our homes.

One chargepoint excels in all these regards and is a cut above the rest in the design stakes - the Andersen A2. And we’re delighted to announce that Spirit is now an Andersen approved installer.


Topics: EV charging

Lichen on Solar Panels

George Riley 15 Jul 2020

Solar panels perform best when they are clean. Any dirt or growth on the modules can block out sunlight and have a substantial impact on power output. Perhaps the hardest form of soiling to remove is lichen on solar panels.

But why does it grow on solar arrays and how can we deal with it?


Topics: Maintenance, Solar PV

How Many Solar Panels Are You Allowed on Your House?

George Riley 01 Jul 2020

Some of our clients are surprised to learn that there can be limits on the number of solar panels they can get on their roof, beyond the obvious physical and cost limitations. In fact, for solar PV systems over a certain size, grid permission is needed before installation can go ahead.

In this post, we’ll explore how many solar panels you’re allowed to install without prior permission, and how we can help you determine the maximum possible allowance for your property.


Topics: Solar PV

Is Now the Time to Invest in Solar PV?

George Riley 05 Jun 2020

As the UK begins to ease out of lockdown, many of us are facing some form of financial upheaval. For lots of people, the crisis has resulted in the painful loss of employment or income. But others have been able to weather the storm, or even save money during this period.

With no meals out, little hope of travelling abroad and the daily commute a distant memory, expenses for some of us have dropped dramatically. If you find you’ve saved a chunk of money from abandoned holidays or working from home, this could be a unique opportunity to spend on something significant.

So is now the time to invest in solar?


Topics: Solar PV

Buying or Selling a House with Solar Panels

George Riley 30 Apr 2020

Whether you’re looking to buy a house with solar panels or it’s come time to sell your property and its PV system, you may have some questions. We’ve gathered the common queries to answer based on our years of experience supporting solar PV owners.


Topics: Solar PV

Free Solar Panel Health Checks and Other Scams

George Riley 23 Apr 2020

We’re regularly contacted by customers, who have received an unsolicited call or letter from another company, offering them a ‘free solar panel health check’ or warning about their solar PV system being at risk of failing. This is a common scam.


Topics: Maintenance, Solar PV

Why Are Electricity Prices Rising?

George Riley 16 Apr 2020

Getting your latest electricity bill is rarely a fun experience, yet it seems to become ever more painful. The national grid has undergone a huge transformation in the past decade from coal-heavy to embracing wind and solar, the costs of which have crashed. So there’s a logical disconnect - why are electricity prices rising if renewables are getting cheaper?


Topics: Battery storage, Solar PV

Is Now the Time to Buy an Electric Car?

George Riley 07 Apr 2020

Obviously during the current lockdown, you should only drive if it is absolutely essential. But while in isolation, you may be thinking about your next car and what effect the COVID-19 outbreak might have on the growing EV market.

So, is now the time to buy an electric car?


Topics: EV charging

Coronavirus: Spirit is Open for Business

George Riley 23 Mar 2020

We’d like to reassure you that we are determined to serve our customers and continue driving the switch to renewable energy during the COVID-19 outbreak.

We are following government advice to keep our staff and customers safe, and will update you on any changes to our operations.


Topics: Solar PV